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Explode The Reach Of Your Biz With This Touchpoint Strategy

Explode The Reach Of Your Biz With This Touchpoint Strategy

InBranding, Business Posted onFeb 19, 2023

When you created your business, you did it to make a difference, but here you are, months or even years later, not making the impact you want.

Perhaps you are constantly plagued with thoughts surrounding your business, such as how you will make it dependable or how to have consistent 10/20k months.

Perhaps you have told yourself that it is not about the money; it’s about impact, the money will come. But again, here you are years later, still waiting, telling yourself the same thing.

Maybe you are considering changing your niche or offer yet again, but the reality is, no matter who you attempt to speak to or what you offer them, the result always turns out the same. Either you make some money here or there, or you’re stuck at 3-5k per month with potential clients telling you that they love what you do but still not buying.

As a result, you are constantly on edge every month, although you have enough to cover the bills, you know it’s not sufficient to survive. It’s time to thrive. Maybe you are still stuck in your day job.

You feel guilty as you cannot give your loved ones everything they deserve, such as quality time or all the things they ask for, as you can not afford to take your foot off the gas.

If this is the case, this is a clear indicator that you do not own space in the mind of your potential customer, client or follower and that the Brand You To Success Academy which you can get access to for FREE is for you. Learn more here…

How To Own A Space In A Potential Customer Or Clients Brain

Let me explain.

The key to your success relies on whether:

  1. Your potential client thinks of you when they decide to make a buying decision.
  2. Whether they genuinely believe you can get them a result.

You want to be the brand/business that your potential clients think of when they have the problem that you are an answer to. Otherwise, they will end up working with other brands that do. This is what I mean by owning a neuron in their brain.

This is why massive brands such as Apple, Google etc., still advertise even though they are multibillion-dollar companies, and we all know the solutions they offer.

It is not because they expect you to buy a product there and then. It is so that when you think about buying a phone or some earphones, you instantly think of them.

Let’s say you need a new pair of trainers; which brands do you think of? The brand you thought of owns a neuron in your brain.

So now we are clear on the concept; the question is, how do you achieve both with your coaching business?

How Do You Achieve Both In Your Brand/Business

By having a clear touchpoint plan. It is a well-known marketing fact that it takes between 8-12 quality touchpoints with a brand before someone is ready to make a buying decision. By buying decision, I mean to buy your offer on a sales call or from a sales page.

So the questions to ask yourself are:

  1. How many touchpoints does someone have with your brand/business?
  2. Are these quality touchpoints?
  3. Do they receive these touchpoints in close succession?

The likelihood is that you are managing 2-3 poor touchpoints at the most, and this is why you do not see:

  • Consistent 10/20k months,
  • Why you are stuck at 3-5k per month &
  • Why you are constantly on edge, unable to relax and enjoy your downtime as you are thinking about where your next client is coming from.

You may think this can only be possible by spending 1000s on ads; however, you are gravely mistaken. This can work amazingly if you are growing your business organically without ads.

In fact, you can take someone from cold to sold in 7 days with the right touchpoint plan, and this can be achieved without spending a dime on ads.

Creating a touchpoint plan in this way I went from being a wannabe part-time coach to making 30k in 8 weeks and building a 6-fig business in less than 6 months⁣ , and I have helped many clients implement the same.

It Is Easier Then You Think?

You may be thinking that creating a touchpoint plan is difficult; and it really isn’t infact I break the entire thing down step by step, in the brand you to success academy which you can gain 7 days free access to, learn more here.

I show you how you can create a solid touchpoint plan that not only grabs your client’s attention; it nurtures them to the point that they have made an informed decision to say yes.

A touchpoint plan will:

  1. Take your client from cold to sold in a short space of time.
  2. Handle objections so that your clients are ready and feel comfortable buying from you.
  3. Consistently sell your product and service every month, adding thousands to your bottom line.
  4. Give your client the inner safety they need to say yes. Note: the only reason why someone will not buy if they have the money is that they do not feel safe!
  5. Sell on your behalf, which means you can focus on “Closing Calls” instead of the aggressive style “Sales Call” that is awkward for you and your potential client. With a touchpoint plan, it often results in clients asking for a link to make payments, so no need for a call at all.

If you are tired of being stuck, banging your head against the proverbial brick wall and want to take your business to the next level to provide the life you want for yourself and your loved ones then our Brand You To Success Academy is for you learn more here.


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