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How To End Procrastination, Unlock Your Motivation & Manifest Your Best Life

How To End Procrastination, Unlock Your Motivation & Manifest Your Best Life

InMindset Posted onMay 31, 2022

Do you currently feel stuck, and are you looking for a way to reignite your thirst for life?

Are you trying to grow your business but struggling to figure out how to get the motivation to make it happen?

Are you at a place where you are thinking what’s next?

Then welcome to an episode of “Cyber-Celebrity® Brands – Uncovered”. The show where you get all the latest tips, tricks, motivation and strategies you need to help you start or grow a personal brand or business.

In today’s episode, our founder, Jor’El Mitchell, interviews Marcel Kuhn:

Marcel Kuhn: is a Coach, Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur and has 16 years experience in leading corporate continuous improvement initiatives across different industries (FMCG, Electronics, Trading, Healthcare, Consulting). Wanting more fulfilment & growth, he took the principles he learned in continuous improvement and personal development and founded Quantum Jump GmbH. Through his writing, speaking, training, and consulting, he now guides his clients to move from linear growth to exponential growth personally and professionally & to finally live the lives that they desire.

His vision is to help people to break through limitations and fears to become their best version of themself.

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Happy CC-Branding 🙏🏽

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