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How To Make The Perfect Impression In 30secs

How To Make The Perfect Impression In 30secs

InBranding, Business Posted onMar 21, 2023

Interesting story…

Over the weekend, I had to attend a swanky networking event full of VIP’s. NxSpot NxKit in hand, I was ready!

Midway through, engrossed in a conversation, the time came to exchange details.

As they beat me to it, I allowed them to lead the proceedings, and what took place left me dumbfounded.

I watched them take out their phone to try and find me on Instagram.

As to be expected, 10 other people popped up on their screen.

Having no luck sifting through the profiles, they proceeded to hand me their phone to find myself.

Mortified at the suggestion, I offered my QR code, which they scanned, and we kept it moving.

In less than 30secs, they had access to everything shared on my NxSpot NxKit, stored in their phone, all my socials, my best content and my contact details.

Not only that, using the exchange info function on the NxKit, they had shared their details with me too.

It works equally as good online when you share your unique link!


Moral of the story: Everyone wins with a NxSpot NxKit.

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